• “Today 09/23/2016 we had pleasure to listen to a great speaker. His name is Scott Nicholson and not only is he Hofstra alumnus, but also a very successful entrepreneur. He has set up many companies. Few of them have failed, but others he has successfully sold with profit that made him rich. Currently he is a founder and president of a prosperous company called Love Cooking Company.”

    Professor Gioia P. Bales

    Senior Associate Dean
    Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University
  • “It was a pleasure hearing you speak yesterday at the Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Event last night. Your words were certainly powerful. Your “Be the weakest link in your chain” particularly resonated with me. I know from playing Division I lacrosse how important each person is on a team and understand that “being that weakest link” can only drive you to greatness.”

    Steven Cheng

    Bohrer PLLC

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