Dominate Your Destiny




  1. To rule over
  2. To tower above
  3. To possess control

Some say life is a roller coaster, full of twists and turns: you never know where it will take you, or what will happen along the way. This is only partly true. Life is full of twists and turns, but living like a passenger does not lead to success. Allowing others to drive you down the wrong paths in your life or career will ultimately lead to disappointment and failure.

All individuals, young and old, must have the ability to take charge of their own lives if they want to be successful, personally or professionally. A life in control is encompassed by prosperity, success, morals, ethics, character, mental strength, thoughtfulness and integrity. These characteristics are even more critical for every current and aspiring business professional. A life in control is a precious opportunity to achieve remarkable heights, but it is difficult to master. To succeed, you must identify your special talents and gifts, find what you love to do, and focus all of that energy, thought, and passion on doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Finding direction is only step one. Even with a goal in sight, there are always other hurdles to face. Life, just like business, is filled with constant challenges, emotional highs and lows, achievements and failures. No one can always win, nor escape all losses. The key to success lies in how you react to these struggles. Taking charge over your life allows you to manage your emotions, recover from failures, create your own future, and become the best person you can be.

The business professionals who take control and accomplish their goals are those who possess lives centered around greatness, success, harmony, peace, character, and ethical strength. These people are called “Super Achievers,” and they know how to DOMINATE their destiny.

The mission of the Seeds of Achievements, Dominate Your Destiny seminar is to educate and prepare attendees to become Super Achievers, in every area of their personal and professional lives. Dominate Your Destiny provides attendees with a fresh outlook while creating an environment of support they need to begin taking charge. By developing a new, stronger mindset about themselves, attendees will have increased self-confidence and motivation to achieve anything they desire. Every attendee will learn the critical personality traits and tactics necessary for attaining their own personal success. After the seminar, they will possess the knowledge and life ammunition necessary to face and conquer all their life’s challenges and get back up if they fall. There will be no failure they are defeated by and no hurdle they are unable to overcome.

The Dominate Your Destiny seminar will become the roadmap for the future that you will want to take charge of your life, reach your goals, and achieve your personal business success.

Are you just along for the ride, or are you steering your own course? Are you a Super Achiever?


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