Dominate Your Destiny Book

Dominate Your Destiny Book

One of the single biggest mistakes young adults can make is to begin to embark on their futures into the real world without any preparation, advice, or direction on how to increase their chances of not only succeeding in the REAL WORLD, but, more importantly, how to avoid the pitfalls and challenges they will all most certainly face. This is a tragic mistake and unfortunately the vast majority of young adults do not prepare, nor do they even know how to prepare. This is where DOMINATE YOUR DESTINY book becomes the solution.

Dominate Your Destiny is one of the easiest to read and understand yet powerful and inspirational books ever written for teenagers, young adults, and young business professionals. Each page provides a roadmap for them to follow that educates, trains, and inspires on how they can obtain success, prosperity, happiness, and balance in their lives at an early age as well as identify and handle the numerous challenges and battles they will no-doubt face in their personal and professional lives. Dominate Your Destiny is the answer to the question, “how do I achieve success, attain my goals, and create a prosperous life for myself?”

This truly inspiring book provides readers with limitless life ammunition they will be able to apply to all aspects of their lives, dramatically enhancing their ability to face every challenge, strive to achieve every goal, and ultimately shorten the amount of time they will need to attain all of this life success by ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years.

What Young Adults Will Learn After Reading Dominate Your Destiny

  • Realizing they have a special gift. They need to tap into it.
  • Understanding they have endless possibilities and potential.
  • They have a “Generational Transformational Opportunity” to succeed unlike any generation in history. They must take advantage of it.
  • Understanding their “WHY”. Why are they on earth? Critical.
  • Understand the characteristics and mindset of Super Achievers.
  • How to possess character, integrity, ethics, morals and faith in themselves.
  • Understanding the 25 critical things they need to know and prepare to become a Super Achiever.
  • Understanding what “TRUE SUCCESS” really is. It has nothing to do with money or fame!
  • Understanding the critical importance of “TIME” Their most precious commodity.
  • Identifying and maximizing their “WINNING EDGE” in life. They all have it. Must find it.
  • Facing and defeating FEAR and FAILURE. They can never succeed until they fail. They can never give up.
  • Mastering decision making.
  • Understanding that life will be challenging and it’s a journey. They must be prepared to face it with ambition, conviction and courage.
  • They must be LIONS, not GAZELLES.
  • Understanding and incorporating the 30 critical Seeds of Achievements Personality Traits essential to become a Super Achiever.
  • Understanding and incorporating the 10 critical Seeds of Achievement Personality Tactics essential to become a Super Achiever.
  • Possessing courage and bravery in life.
  • Being a compassionate individual.
  • Becoming a giving person.
  • Possessing persistence.
  • How to stand out in a world of mediocrity.
  • How to become amerced in your personal gifts.
  • And Much Much More!!!!

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