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Corporate Speaking

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Are you a professional seeking to develop your business strategy and bring positive transformation to your team?

Seeds of Achievements now offers corporate speaking to corporations of every size. These sessions will include the life-changing tactics and instructional roadmap from the Seeds of Achievements, Dominate Your Destiny Seminars, as well as professional training strategies necessary to grow your business. These seminars are equally meaningful to adults at every stage of their careers – it’s never too late to achieve dreams and dominate your destiny.

Life enhancement expert Scott Nicholson has over 20 years’ experience working at every level of business management, leading national sales teams, and building largescale brand licensing partnerships. Scott’s seminars inspire and educate business professionals to unlock their personal treasures to achieve self-mastery in life.

Scott’s message is rooted in personal development and growth, with a strong focus on establishing a strong work-life balance. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their past, present, and future lives, their current path, their life purpose, to learn how they can use their unique skills to become a stronger team member.

Seeds of Achievements provides options for both formal seminars and informal group training sessions. Help your team reach its maximum potential in life and success. Scott Nicholson welcomes the opportunity to speak at your next business gathering. If you are interested in bringing change to your business team or have any questions, please contact

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