Mr. Scott G. Nicholson


Scott G. Nicholson is a life enhancement expert and motivational speaker on Long Island, NY.

With more than 25 years’ experience in starting, operating, building and selling numerous successful businesses, Scott has had the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of business systems and processes. Having led major national sales teams, cultivated key major retail customer accounts such as Walmart, QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Macy’s, built large scale national brand licensing partnerships, managed overseas logistics operations and created, sold and marketed some of the most successful housewares consumer products in history, Scott brings an unmatched, invaluable portfolio of experience, knowledge, wisdom, business ethics, integrity, common sense and success to every engagement. Throughout his career, Scott has identified, researched and studied those critical areas of life that are so essential in determining an individual’s chances of attaining success, personal achievement, self-mastery and life prosperity.

Having “been there and done that,” Scott’s pathway these days is as a dynamic communicator and presenter. With his strong ability to enhance business and personal relationships, as well as transform the mindset of his audience into believing they are capable of achieving anything they have a passion for, Scott’s burning desire is to share his hard-won knowledge and experiences with the millennial and younger generations. He accomplishes his mission through his unique “Seeds of Achievements, Dominate Your Destiny” presentation, one of the most powerful and effective educational and inspirational seminars in America today.

With a singular focus on making an immediate, life-changing and positive impact on the lives of our young adult generation, the “Seeds of Achievements, Dominate Your Destiny” seminar was developed over a two-decade span as a roadmap and a new mindset for each participant to embrace, incorporate into their lives and follow. Its purpose is to educate, train and inspire young adults and teenagers on how to attain success, prosperity, happiness, character, integrity, self-mastery and balance in their lives at an early age, as well as identify their personal why and purpose in life and overcome the numerous challenges and battles they will no-doubt face.

Scott considers himself a “mot-emotional” speaker—the only one in America—whose message truly connects with the emotions of his audience, allowing them to reflect on their past, present and future lives, their current path, their purpose for being here, and how they can use their unique skills, talents and abilities to impact their own lives and the society in which they live.

Using these finely-honed techniques, Scott walks each attendee through an easy-to-understand life enhancement journey that guides them to understand all of the critical personality, career, family and individual attributes, tactics and traits they MUST learn and incorporate to ensure life success. This inspiring roadmap provides each individual with the limitless life ammunition they will apply to all aspects of their lives, dramatically enhancing their ability to face every challenge, achieve every goal and ultimately shorten the amount of time they will need to achieve life success by 10. 20, even 30 years.

Today’s young adults and teens not only face greater challenges, uphill battles, anxieties and obstacles than ever before, but also have less direction, clarity, understanding, parental guidance and support at their disposal. Their lives are filled with mounting social media distractions, confusion, peer pressure, insecurity, lack of confidence, substance abuse, poor character and integrity, and many other factors that can negatively impact their chances of proceeding down a life path in a successful, harmonious and positive fashion.

“The Seeds of Achievements, Dominate Your Destiny” seminar is their answer to the question, “How do I achieve success, attain my goals and create a prosperous life for myself?” Understanding that it’s never too late to achieve one’s dreams, Scott’s seminar is equally meaningful for adults and corporate America audiences.

On a personal note, Scott is the father of 17-year-old triplets—Eric, Ryan and Alexandra— which affords him the opportunity to experience first-hand the challenges that teenagers and young adults face. The boys excel academically and in lacrosse, while Alexandra is a 4.4 GPA honor student. Scott is happy to share his child-rearing experiences changing 700 diapers and buying 500 baby food jars each month.


Each attendee receives a companion “Dominate Your Destiny” book to serve as a constant reminder of the powerful life-changing principles learned in the seminar. Scott wrote this book to be read time and time again. It is designed to help participants internalize the lessons, enabling them to become second nature on the journey toward success. The book is also available for purchase on his website in e-book and audio book versions.


Scott produces and appears in an impactful weekly podcast that enables his followers to stay up-to-date on his latest ideas, reflections and beliefs. It is available for three months at no charge on his website:

Word of Mouth

“Today we had the pleasure of listening to a great speaker. His name is Scott Nicholson and not only is he Hofstra alumnus, but also a very successful entrepreneur. He has set up many companies. Few of them have failed, but others he has successfully sold with profit that made him rich. Currently he is a founder and president of a prosperous company called Love Cooking Company.”

— Professor Gioia P. Bales, Senior Associate Dean
Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University

“It was a pleasure hearing you speak yesterday at the Long Island Inventors and Entrepreneurs event. Your words were certainly powerful. Your ‘Be the weakest link in your chain’ particularly resonated with me. I know from playing Division I lacrosse how important each person is on a team and understand that being that weakest link can only drive you to greatness.”

— Steven Cheng, Counsel
Bohrer PLLC